Collaboration and code-review


GitEnterprise backend is based on Google Gerrit code-review that provides its HTTP/S and SSH protocol management together with its powerful code-review functionalities.

The concept behind code-review is enforcing Team collaboration on the code, sharing ideas, comments and hints on how to enhance code-style and readability. Using code-review you can even manage in a more secure way the external contribution of code to your repository.

Gerrit code-review is integrated in GitEnterprise and is available under the code-review link on the left menu.

Team collaboration with Gerrit code-review

GitEnterprise users and groups are shared with Gerrit; when you pass from GitEnterprise to Gerrit your user is automatically recognised and all its credentials, SSH keys and access permissions are shared between the two systems.

In oder to understand on how to use Gerrit, you can refer to Gerrit documentation inside GitEnterprise

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